NASA Has A Website Dedicated To Helping Writers Write Convincing Science Fiction

There’s nothing worse than reading a book and coming across a section where the author clearly has no freakin’ clue what he’s talking about. It’s usually some sort of intellectual field like science, law, etc. Most people won’t really notice that they used the law of thermodynamics incorrectly, but to those in the science field, it must be a nightmare reading this kind of literature.

In an attempt to make sure this doesn’t happen when it comes to talking about space travel, NASA has set up it’s own page of commonly misused terms to help out sci-fi writers.

Writers can now look through space terminology, like propulsion, guidance, cabin structure, thermal protection, etc. and get an overview of what it really means. Thus, being able to make your space travel characters sound like they actually know what they are talking about.

The website also offers a bunch of helpful links where you can learn more about other sci-fi topics. There’s several pages on the history of space travel, and space stations, along with a page on space technology used through the years.

Although the website looks like it was made using those “make a free website” sites,  everything is 100% NASA approved, and available to writers free of charge. You can check out the website here.