Google Is Tracking Your Activity Online, And Here’s How To Delete It

With all the COVID-19 self-isolating we are doing, internet use is at an all time high, but this also means that data tracking is as well. It’s no surprise that after data recently became the most valuable commodity on the planet, big companies have taken to collecting data like it’s free money.

Google is no exception to this new force of data collection. Of course, we all “agreed” to it when we signed up for our Google accounts, but they have a database of all your activity that’s available for you to see. On the MyActivity home page, you can see exactly what you’ve been browsing, googling, youtubing, etc. And this is stored in the database like your search history is stored in your browser.

Of course, it’s a good thing that Google is giving you access to see this information, and better yet, they’re actually giving you a chance to delete it as well!

Once you’ve logged onto your MyActivity page, there are several options on the left hand side. The obvious choice we want to navigate to is the “Delete activity by” tab. This allows you to delete your stored activity by last hour, last day, always, or custom.

The always option will let you set your account up so that there’s never anything being tracked. This means you’re telling Google to stop tracking and storing your activity on ALL of their apps. You also have the option to just choose a few of their apps individually, so if you’re only really concerned about them tracking say, your google searches, you would just check the “search” box and then hit next.